3 Things For December 3rd, 2019

Online Reviews, Branding Colors, and Social Media Captions for Optimal Engagement 

88% of People Trust Online Reviews as much as Personal Recommendations.

There is no escaping it!  Reviews from third party sites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook play a large role in buying behavior.  But this doesn’t need to be a negative thing.  Your online reviews can be a powerful customer acquisition tool.  With positive online reviews, people are being pre-sold on doing business with you. Yes, you will likely at some point receive negative reviews if you haven’t already.  That’s okay, it’s how you handle them that matters. Do you want to learn more about best practices for online reviews?  Call, text, or email me to learn more!

Best Instagram and Social Media Caption Ideas For Increased Engagement

According to a recent study, Instagram has become the social network with the highest overall engagement from its users, surpassing both Facebook and Twitter. Help keep your audience captivated and grow your following by sharing posts with engaging captions that will draw your target audience in.

  • Give more context to the post: Don’t assume that your audience understands the context of your post. Instead, share your thought process. What were you thinking when you took the photo? Where was the photo taken? What do you want your audience to do?
  • Use consistent tone: If your brand voice is conversational on your website, and other communications, keep it that way in your captions. It’s all about consistency.
  • Keep it short and easy to process: We don’t know about you, but when we scroll through the feed, we scroll quickly. Use line breaks and short sentences to improve readability.
  • Be Helpful: From how-to instructions to recipes, the opportunities to post helpful content are endless. Try to think of a few ways to spin your product or service into valuable, non-salesy content.
  • Ask questions to drive engagement: It’s fairly easy to get a like on Instagram. A comment is a whole other challenge. One way to remedy that is to ask your audience a question or give them a specific call to action in your post.

Interested in taking your social platforms to the next level? Get in touch with us today to create a social media marketing strategy tailored to your needs!

Did you know color plays a huge roll in your companies branding and appearance?

Colors invoke emotions and moods from people, making color choices important for your logo and website. Warm colors are generally energizing, passionate and positive while cool colors are usually calming, relaxing and reserved. Strategy 3 uses color theory and color harmony to create effective color schemes for your business and brand. Contact us at Strategy 3 to evaluate and develop a color scheme that will communicate your business’s goals correctly to your target audience.

Featured Project

We are thrilled with how Tacoma Opera’s annual auction and gala catalog turned out! Congratulations to Tacoma Opera on a grand and successful event!

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