Meet The Team

Leah Knoll  Founder / Strategist

Leah has been in sales and marketing for 25 years and a local Tacoma business owner since 2012. She is passionate about small business, the human experience, and continual learning.  She prefers to meet IRL whenever possible and if she isn’t in the office or with a customer, she is probably out and about on a new adventure (most likely somewhere humid and warm).

Ryan Riveness  Designer / Developer

Say hi to Ryan, Strategy 3’s go-to web guy for over 9 years. He’s the one we count on for everything WordPress, hosting, design, and keeping our sites in top shape. Ryan has this cool knack for meshing awesome design with smooth tech, creating online spaces that seriously impress. And you know what’s even cooler? He’s always digging into the latest web trends, making sure we and our clients stay ahead in this fast-paced web world.

Kelly Cory  Graphic Designer

Kelly has been in marketing and graphic design for to many years to name. Her roots lay in ski area marketing in the very competitive Colorado market, moving on to the training department of the Yellow Pages (where she met Leah!). After her daughter was born, she worked freelance graphic design creating magazines and assisting other small to medium sized business. Kelly loves when you give her a bunch of random information and set her free to come up with something great for you. Leah and Kelly like to laugh – Kelly can’t follow directions very well, but that’s why we love her. When you can’t find Kelly, she’s either walking her adorable dog, Lucy; hanging out with her husband, Rod; or chasing summer with her daughter, Allison, who is currently a “wrangler” in Colorado.

James Leggett  Digital Marketing Specialist

James Leggett moved to the Pacific Northwest 9 years ago and has been in Digital Marketing for nearly as long. He sees data as another parameter to inspire creation and enjoys the challenge of connecting with new and different audiences. He’s excited to apply his skills to data reporting and ad management to help you better understand and connect with your future clients.

Vitoria Cassol  Graphic Designer / Social Media Mgr.

Vitoria is a skillful graphic designer and social media manager. She pursued her passion for design by earning her BFA in Digital Design from Seattle University. At Strategy 3, she specializes in brand identity development and social media design. Vitoria has a knack for transforming your visions into visuals with her expertise and creativity.

Connor Talbott
Search Engine Optimist

Pedro Martins
Digital Ads Manager

Official Office Disruptor