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Marketing has never been more complex, and for those of us in the business, it’s often very exciting! Putting together a plan and watching it unfold while tracking its effectiveness is what we wake up to do everyday.  But that’s our business and for many other businesses the complex world of marketing can be overwhelming – And that’s exactly why we are here!  Strategy 3° is a marketing company that works with businesses to plan and execute effective marketing campaigns.  What the plan will look like for your company will depend on a variety of different factors, including but not limited to your goal, budget, and customer.  It’s different for every business and there isn’t a plan that will work the same for everyone.  Our promise to you is to listen, to work together as part of your team, to be creative, and to adjust as needed… And of course, to have fun along the way!  Fill out our contact form to tell us a little bit about your situation or give us a call!


The first step to an effective marketing plan is understanding the audience that we want to target. Fully understanding your audience means that we not only create a message that resonates with them, but also that we can accurately use targeting tools available to reach them.


Once we understand your audience, message, and desired goals, we can put together the strategy that will be most effective. There are a lot of options for marketing and advertising, and that is why the strategy is key to getting the best results.


After carefully determining the strategy, we execute! But this is really just the beginning. Our team will continue to monitor and analyze the results that we are getting and adjust and modify as needed.

Bayside Gardens Apartments
Bayside Gardens Apartments

The Bayside Gardens Apartments are very unique in that they are in the historic Stadium District right next to Stadium High School, their buildings are gorgeous with high ceilings and stunning views of the school, Commencement Bay, and Mount Rainier.

Redmond Pilates
Redmond Pilates

In redoing the Redmond Pilates website, our main goal was to beautifully and accurately represent Redmond Pilates.  We also wanted to make sure that Redmond Pilates stay on top of search for Pilates in the Redmond area.  We managed to accomplish both of those objectives.

South Sound Dental Care
South Sound Dental Care

South Sound Dental Care is an award winning dental clinic located just off I-5 in Tacoma, Washington.  We first began working with Dr. Moona Khan and team in 2013.  Our main goal is to increase traffic through organic search.  We do this by working on their content and technical SEO. We also help South Sound […]

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