3 Things For November 3rd, 2023

Is That Really What You Want?; Why Monitor Your Google Search Console; Holiday Cards!

But is that really what you want?

I’ve bought an iPad twice since they came out.  They are so cool and everyone (it seemed) had one.  Both times, the devices largely just collected dust; I did not make the same mistake with the Apple Watch.

There are many things that seem like a good idea, but if we take the time to play out our actual future with ‘said thing’ I think we might often find that the reality isn’t necessarily what we want.  For example, #vanlife looks really cool, but the lavatory situation gives me pause.  And, as I watched #vanlife videos, I walked through a day in my head.  What does work (via Zoom) really look like inside a van?

And, what about the domino effect of the decision we make.  What consequences are we not anticipating but are likely a reality?  Think about how often the ‘side effects’ of prescription medications sound worse than the problem they are solving for.

In life, in business, in marketing, there are a number of things we could do; there are a number of things we’re told we should do.  But when you play it out in your head, is it really what you want?  It’s your business, you get to decide the rules.  That’s one of the small gems of being in business.

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than to just jump in and give it a try – I’m a fan of this.  And sometimes we gotta do things we don’t really want to – I’m not a fan of this.  And, sometimes we can play the scenario out in our head beforehand and save ourself the time, money, and unintended side effects.

If you have an idea, but you have more questions than answers, book a Whiteboard Session!  Let’s figure out what that idea looks like in imagined action, and of course, if it’s something you actually really want!

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The Importance of Monitoring Google Search Console for Your WordPress Site

In the swiftly evolving digital arena, leveraging potent tools to understand and enhance your website’s performance is an important thing to consider. Among the most valuable of these tools is Google Search Console (GSC), a complimentary service by Google, tailored to aid website owners, webmasters, and SEO professionals in monitoring and troubleshooting their site’s presence in Google Search results.

Here’s a breakdown of why keeping a close eye on Google Search Console is crucial for your WordPress website:

1. Insight into Your Site’s Performance:
GSC is a treasure trove of data regarding your site’s performance in search results, offering critical metrics such as click-through rates (CTR), impressions, and the average position of your site for various keywords. This data is instrumental in evaluating the efficacy of your SEO endeavors and making data-driven adjustments to escalate your site’s search visibility.

2. Discovering and Optimizing High-Performing Keywords:
Identify the keywords propelling traffic to your site with GSC. Recognizing high-performing keywords facilitates content optimization and the honing of your SEO strategy to augment online visibility and draw more pertinent traffic.

3. Identifying Indexing Issues:
GSC alerts you to any indexing snags that might be barring your pages from appearing in search results. Timely detection and rectification ensure your content remains accessible to your target audience.

4. Mobile Usability Analysis:
In a mobile-centric world, ensuring mobile usability is key. GSC sheds light on mobile usability issues, empowering you to fine-tune your WordPress site for an enhanced mobile user experience.

5. Enhanced Security Monitoring:
GSC is vigilant in notifying you of any security threats like malware or phishing, enabling swift action to preserve your site’s reputation and user experience.

6. Core Web Vitals Monitoring:
Core Web Vitals are pivotal metrics employed by Google to assess your site’s user experience. GSC is your ally in monitoring these metrics, aiding in pinpointing and amending issues that might be hindering your site’s performance and user satisfaction.

7. URL Inspection Tool:
Employ the URL Inspection Tool in GSC to ascertain the indexing status and understand how Google interprets a particular page on your site, a crucial step in diagnosing and remedying issues.

Monitoring Google Search Console is not a fleeting task but a continuous endeavor to comprehend and amplify your WordPress site’s digital footprint.

Ready to elevate your WordPress website’s presence in the digital realm? Check out our Strategic Website Management plan which includes Search Console Monitoring!

It’s starting to look a lot like Holiday Card time…

… and it’s probably the last thing on our mind as we are recovering from our Halloween Candy hangover!

Holiday Cards are shifting as our society ebbs and flows with change: technology (ecards vs paper cards), honoring diverse beliefs, time availability, costs and how we are connected via social media and other ways.

And, let’s face it, the whole thing can be overwhelming, time consuming, and costly.

Here’s some ideas and thoughts around Holiday Cards and Greeting Cards in today’s business world. These are just thoughts and ideas, there’s no golden rule to this. Ultimately, it is your decision if cards are appropriate for your business.

  • Some of our clients, love Christmas, and they go for it – they share their joy and their traditions and wish everyone season’s greetings.
  • Others, go for Thanksgiving (besides being super on top of things – we start these in October) they like being unique, kicking off a season of thanks and gratitude.
  • My favorite is New Year’s Cards. And this gives you more flexibility, because really is a New Year’s card late if you get it after New Year’s? Nah, it’s still the New Year.
  • A more focused, time sensitive greeting is a handwritten “Thank You” or “Thinking of You.” Always in style and thoughtful.
  • Why not be totally different? Christmas in July, sure! Happy St. Pat’s Day, who doesn’t need a little extra luck, Happy Summer, oh, heck yea, the rain is slowing, school out, yes, a good time to celebrate!

Old school – snail mail cards are about connecting. Whether it’s telling your client’s you appreciate them, thanking referral sources for believing and trusting in you, or connecting closer with a vendor or supplier, the effort you put out, is a connection. In a world of craziness, a simple connection can bring a smile to someone’s day.

At S3, we are looking forward to sending out and sharing the cards we receive. We hope each card that drops in your mail brings a smile.

(And, if you need help, let us know! We can design-print-we even have some Girl Scouts or Silas HS Swimmers that can stuff, seal, stamp for you – both are working towards big goals next year and are looking for ways to earn donations.)

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