3 Things For July 3rd, 2021

Breaking Up, Credibility, and Social Media by Generation

We may need to break up.  And that is okay.

What happens if it doesn’t work out?  The conversation is never enjoyable and it’s almost always a little painful for one if not both parties.  I want to propose that it doesn’t need to be this way.  Further, I want to propose a prenup of sorts: if we break up, it’ll be okay. Now, don’t get me wrong.  I want this to work out.  And my commitment to you is to communicate openly and honestly.  I will listen to your feedback and adjust when needed.  Because when we communicate without hesitation, we can accomplish great things together.  But there can be times when circumstances change – the goal or need may change. Why do I bring this up as something that you should know?  Because I want people to know going in, that they will be heard, and that feedback (complementary and critical) will be welcome.  Entering into any relationship can feel like a lot.  Just knowing you will be heard and that if, heaven forbid, you want to break up that it’ll be okay gives peace of mind. I hope Strategy 3 is your marketing company ‘til the end.  The end being a really, really long time.  But if our ‘til the end is shorter than originally thought, that is okay too.  The nature of our relationship can change – and being a betting kinda gal – I’ll wager that we’d still be friends.

How Different Generations Are Using Social Media

Social media is not just for younger, tech-savvy people anymore! People of all ages are participating in the billions of online interactions each day. Take a look into how different generations are utilizing social media according to a recent poll from Sprout Social:

Generation Z (Ages 18-24):

  • 76% say that social media enables them to interact with brands and companies
  • 78% report using social media to learn about new brands
  • 65% have increased their use of social media in the last year
  • 64% of consumers expect a more personalized experience on social media based on previous interactions and data which is collected via analytics.
  • 58% percent of Gen Z consumers have used social media for customer service
  • 35% use social to express love for a product or service

Millennials (Ages 25-40):

  • 61% use social to communicate with family, friends and acquaintances.
  • 51% use social simply to kill time.
  • 47% use social to learn about new trends and services
  • 43% use social to get news
  • 60% use social media for customer service, either by sending a private message or posting publicly on a business’s page

Generation X (Ages 41-56):

  • 74% say that social media is an essential part of their life
  • 52% say their social media use has increased over the past year
  • Prefers to use YouTube & Facebook for social channels
  • Gen X heavily utilizes social for questions and complaints. Providing exceptional customer care is an incredibly effective way to increase brand loyalty with this demographic.

Baby Boomers (Ages 57-74):

  • Only 40% view social media as an essential part of their lives
  • 73% use it to stay connected with friends and family
  • 35% use social media to discover new brands
  • 48% say social enables them to interact with brands and companies online.
  • Only 20% say they have purchased directly from a social platform, and 21% have used social media for customer service.
  • Baby boomers are relying heavily on using Google for information. Make sure your Google My Business is up to date to provide as much info as possible to this demographic.

Social media has revolutionized how businesses interact with customers of all kinds and they can learn a great deal about their key demographics by taking these factors into consideration. If you have questions about how to get your target audience to engage with your social content, contact our team at Strategy 3 today to learn more! 

Establishing Credibility for Your Business Through Your Website

Credibility is very important for any business showcasing itself online. You need to show that your business is trustworthy and reliable in order to convert visitors into paying clients, and the best way to do this online is through your website. Below are 3 things to consider so your website visitors will take the next step and utilize your service/product: 1. Professional website design This is important to show potential clients that you are serious about your business and have invested in your online presence. Having an outdated website or a website that looks like a novice created it gives the wrong impression and could turn them away. 2. Show you are real and reachable If they know nothing about the people that run the business, they are less likely to engage and utilize your services. Having an about page that lays out who you are and a bit about your story helps with your credibility. Also having contact information prominently displayed on your website shows you can easily be reached for questions or concerns, which helps the potential client trust your business. 3. Display what past clients have to say Testimonials are a great way to highlight credibility since it shows others have had a positive experience with your business. These testimonials give a more personal connection to the services you provide and the experience they will have working with you. This is a quick oversight of things that can make a big difference in converting visitors into paying clients. Strategy 3 are pros at creating an effective plan for your online presence, contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your goals.

Happy 4th of July From Strategy 3!

We are wishing each of you a incredible and safe Independence Day tomorrow. Have an wonderful holiday!Your Marketing Team, 
Leah, Gaby, and Ryan

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