3 Things For August 3rd, 2022

Meet Carrie! The not so little things. Yes, integrate!

We’re Even Cooler Now With Carrie!

Aimlessly scrolling through Facebook gets a bad rap…but sometimes the universe provides in mysterious ways.  I recently found myself stopping to read a post in a community group by a gal named Carrie Davis.  What stood out to me was her desire to work on a team.  How refreshing!  Someone wanted to work on a team, together, IRL, in Tacoma, YES!  So, I looked her bio and portfolio up online and found that she was extremely talented AND she had nearly 25 years of experience in marketing and integration (see below). I am beyond excited about having Carrie on our team.  She is not only accomplished and brings so many fresh ideas but she is also so much FUN to work with.  I look forward to many of you being able to meet her in the coming weeks and months. Scroll down to read how her personality comes alive through the written word!

3 “Little” Things Often Forgotten When Launching a new Website…

  • Optimizing Images

Reducing the file size of your images, without sacrificing their quality, is crucial to keeping your website loading fast and your visitors sticking around. Not to mention this will affect your SEO and search rankings!

  • Redirecting old URLs to New URLs

When redesigning and redeveloping a site it is best practice to keep your URL structure the same but in some cases, this is not possible. This is where redirects come into play, Strategy 3 will put in place any redirects needed to keep your SEO value and not confuse returning visitors.

  • Checking for Broken Links

It is quite frustrating attempting to visit a link and you land on the dreaded 404 Error Page when accessing someone’s website. To combat these user frustrations, Strategy 3 runs a full scan of your website prior to launching, this allows us to identify and correct any issues before going live.

Although this list may not seem that important, these factors can greatly impact the ability for potential customers to find your website online and have an enjoyable experience doing it.

Strategy 3 prides ourselves in making sure all the little things are considered when designing, developing, launching, and maintaining your website. Contact us today for a consultation!

Integration…How Important Can it Really Be?

First, I’d like to say how thrilled I am to be working on the Strategy 3 team and can’t wait to begin working closely with our valued clients.

Over the past 20+ years, I’ve found myself observing, what I call, the scramble approach. Sometimes we scramble to get something out… because we just have to get something out. The challenge is, especially in the marketing world, this approach can hurt the outcome more than help.

Integration isn’t just about ensuring we leverage all the various mediums we can (social, search, web design, communications, engagement, video, and so on), but also, that we dial it in like a musical masterpiece. The rhythm matters, intentionality matters. I often hear small business owners express how they really need to make more social media posts, etc. Although this is true, the part they are missing is that it’s almost just as important to engage with not only the posts, but also the people who show interest through comments, likes, etc. Look them up, like one of their posts, type a quick comment.

Another example is the use of motion graphic video. Many times our businesses make perfect sense to us, but to the general public and our target audience, it’s still not quite clear. Using a short, fun, motion graphic video allows you to interact with your prospects while providing “ah ha” moments so they realize your product or service is what they’ve needed all along. That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it doesn’t change how effective this added layer is – in helping people see the value you offer.

The more you integrate and concentrate an effort along with maintaining the momentum, the more you will see your loyal audience and client list grow. Transparently, this is VERY difficult for almost any business owner or leader to do fully on their own. It takes time, skill, wisdom, and a little bit of crazy – to really pull it off well. I’m so excited to have found my fellow marketing geeks who love to get submerged into a client’s dream and do everything possible to bring it to life.

Before your next lightbulb moment, ask yourself, “Are there other elements I need to consider before haphazardly throwing mud at a wall to see if it sticks?” Or, pick up a phone or shoot us an email – and start a conversation. We’d love to help you flourish and succeed.

I look forward to working with you!

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