3 Things For September 3rd, 2023

A Liminal Space; Website Strategy; Business Card Anyone?

A Liminal Space.

Labor Day Weekend feels like a liminal space, not really summer, but not yet fall.  This in-between, transitional time can feel eerie.  I don’t know about you, but I am both moody about it and I look forward to the comfort of a warm throw and a hot drink.  I feel both a little lazy and also like I need to initiate some to-do lists.

Soon, trees will be shedding their leaves and seeds will be planted to coincide with the coming rain.  A liminal time indeed.  So I propose that Fall (and Spring) are also Whiteboard Session Season.  A great time to plan what is on the other side of this liminal space.  A great time to get less moody and more excited about what change can mean.  Uncertainty can produce uneasiness, but a little planning and brainstorming can produce renewed creativity and excitement.

Marketing is sharing your passion with the world.  What’s up next on your marketing agenda?  How will people find you?  What will they find out about you when they do?  Why do you do what you do?  What does it mean for your customers, your employees, your family?

Rest up this Labor Day, you’ve worked hard.  Relax, breathe, shed the weight you’ve been carrying around.  Then, after you’ve rested and when you’re ready, let’s talk about what’s next.

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Website Strategy vs. Website Design: Why Both Matter

We understand that a successful online presence requires more than just a visually appealing website. Let’s break down the essentials:

Website Strategy:

  • Purpose: We help define your website’s mission. Whether you aim to inform, sell, or engage, we ensure your site aligns with your goals.
  • Audience: We dive deep into understanding your target users, ensuring your website speaks directly to their needs.
  • Content & Conversion: Our team crafts a roadmap for the content your site will feature and pinpoints the actions you want visitors to take.
  • SEO: With us, your website won’t be a needle in a haystack. We strategize to make sure it’s discoverable.

Website Design:

  • Layout: Beyond organizing content, we design layouts that guide visitors seamlessly through your site.
  • Aesthetics: Our designs aren’t just about looking good; they resonate with your brand’s identity.
  • User Experience (UX): We prioritize intuitive navigation, ensuring visitors find what they’re looking for effortlessly.
  • Responsiveness: In a multi-device world, we guarantee your site shines consistently, from desktops to smartphones.

Your website should be more than just “pretty.” With Strategy 3, you get a site that’s both visually stunning and strategically sound, turning visitors into loyal customers.

Are Business Cards Becoming Obsolete?

Recently, I was meeting with a new client, a lawyer by trade. As we were reviewing his needs, he said he didn’t think he needed business cards. I cringed, I gotta’ be honest, I like my paper – and not just because it is part of my lively-hood. 😊

So, I walked away and really thought about it. We don’t order cards by the 1000’s anymore, we just don’t use them and so much is done via phone/zoom/remote, do we need them? Am I really going to recommend NOT ordering them? Umm.

Leah and I bantered, I did some googling… what is happening to business cards and where do they fit in this era of smart phones?

The verdict: We’re not giving up our paper business cards. We are adapting to new tech and ordering less. What does this mean?

Business cards continue to be a core piece of your brand. I look at my desk, and it’s littered with cards, that’s where I store my top-of-mind contacts. If it goes in my phone – it’s probably gone forever, my contacts are OUT OF CONTROL (I bet yours are too!). That said, I do need them in my phone, because we don’t remember phone numbers anymore.

So, how do we keep cards current and relevant? We are adding QR Codes. What? Really?! Yes, QR codes. But, NOT links to our websites or contact pages, we are adding QR codes that allow our smart phones to automatically add the contact to our phone, these are called vcards. And they are really cool. Try the one’s above to add Leah or I to your phone.

Great, right!?

So where is the industry headed? Digital business cards are all over the internet. Time will tell how and where we go, but I believe the best option currently depends on your business and is mostly likely a blend of old and new.

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