3 Things For March 3rd, 2022

DNS Settings, The ROI of Gifting, and Social Media Tips

Does your marketing embody the energy of your business? This is what I’ve been thinking about lately. This question can be asked about every aspect of our marketing. Backing up a bit, I think it’s important to ask if we personally are embodying the energy we want to, if our business is embodying the energy we want it to, and if our marketing also emanates that desired energy. To start the discussion we can review core values and ask, when I look at my website, does it convey these values? Does it “feel” like us? The same question applies to ads, social media, etc. If the answer is no, let’s have a conversation. Read on for thoughts from Korie, Ryan, and Serene and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or thoughts. You know where to find us!

Are Your DNS Settings Correct? No really, are they!?

Read the following 5 paragraphs to either be educated on what is actually very important information regarding your website or read it right before bed in order to fall asleep. The caveat to it being a sleep aid is that if your DNS settings are not correct, it might not be a sound sleep.

Over the last couple of weeks we came across two websites that had incorrect DNS settings which were causing issues with their SSL certificates and causing the sites to not load correctly.

DNS or Domain Name System is basically the phone book of the internet. Having your DNS records correctly configured is what will allow a visitor to reach the correct location (IP address) of your website using only the domain name you had purchased. The DNS records associate an IP address with the domain name such as strategy3degrees.com, as long as those records are set up with the correct values, the visitor will reach the correct destination.

SSL certificate or Secure Sockets Layer certificate is what allows a website to establish a secure connection and transfer of data between the website server and the user’s computer. When there is a problem with the SSL certificate, visitors will receive an error notice that the website they are attempting to visit appears to be dangerous and they should abort their trip to that site.

Confirming that your DNS records are correct is important to make sure that your website is functioning as it should and your users are able to access your website and data correctly. Sending a potential new client to the wrong website or them not being able to access the site due to an SSL issue is going to hurt your business immediately.

Contact Strategy 3 with any issues or concerns about your DNS records or SSL certificate and we can resolve any problems you may be having and make sure your website is accessible to anyone who may want to visit your site.

How Do I Know It’s Working?

Corporate gifting is an important part of customer engagement and retention. Giving thoughtful gifts to your clients builds a relationship in a unique and fun way. The key to any marketing strategy is measuring performance, but how do you measure ROI and success for a corporate gifting campaign?

Measuring the ROI of client gifts is difficult, because its purpose is to build relationships and brand recognition—something that might not translate into numbers. That doesn’t mean that you can’t measure the success and ROI with your corporate gifts.

The key is to focus less on how much money a corporate gift will get you in return and instead think about the intangible benefits of building a better relationship between you and your clients. However, here are a few key metrics you can watch to determine your ROI:

  • Referrals from clients who receive gifts
  • Thank-you notes or phone calls from clients after receiving gifts
  • Social media sharing
  • Repeat service and customers who received your gift

These are just a few of the measurable ways to track your outcomes, then you can refine the benefits and ROI in a meaningful way.

What Makes a Good Social Media Post?

Social media marketing is a great way to tell a business’s story. However, not all content is created equal and the quality of your content can determine whether or not your story reaches your audience.

Determine the Goal of The Post

Think about your reason for putting up a social media post. Are you selling a product or service? Are you promoting a deal? Are you hoping to get leads or website traffic? A good social media post should have a well thought out message. If the goal is that an action is taken, is the desired action clear and obvious?

Understand Your Followers

Take a moment to look at your follower analytics. Your analytics will tell you what the demographic is for the majority of your followers. When putting together a social post, think of the types of people who follow your page. Maybe many of your followers are women over the age of 50 or maybe your audience are mostly men ages 18-25. Knowing the demographic of your audience will help to understand how you should cater your images and the language used in your posts.

Design Matters

When creating your visuals or uploading your photos, design matters. Incorporate your brand colors, create visually appealing images, use different fonts, and make your posts attractive. The key goal of the post is to attract the eyes of your followers. You want to pull them in with colors, fonts, images, etc. A boring or bland post will have your followers scrolling past your post without engaging and we want your followers to engage.

Write a Quality Caption

A quality caption consists of a headline, call to action and the use of emojis. A headline can be anything that describes what your post is about. An example headline could be “Tonight at 7pm!” which makes your viewers think about what could be happening at 7pm. Maybe it is an event or promotion, either way a caption like that will attract your viewers to want to know more. Don’t overthink it, just come up with a concise phrase to describe your post. Keep in mind that you should have concise yet quality captions. Quality is everything. Let’s not forget the call to action. This is important because it goes hand in hand with the purpose of your post. What do you want your followers to do when they see this post? It could be “call now”, “visit our website today “or “leave a comment below”. Having a call to action is great to turn an interest in a page or post into a lead, or to simply build a stronger relationship with your followers. Finally, use emojis. Emojis are a fun way to attract people to read your caption while also adding character to your words. People love them and they are easy to use, so why not?

Add a Location, Hashtags, or Tag Another Account!

The final step to a perfect social post is to utilize the additional features that social media offers to increase the reach rate. Use relevant keyword hashtags that may help users come across your post. Some good hashtags are words that are relevant to the business, the post, and the message. Add a business location or a location where the photo was taken to increase traffic from users who search that location. Also, you can tag popular accounts that are similar in nature or other businesses who you think should be mentioned.

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