3 Things For February 3rd, 2021

Lasting Trends, Calls To Action & Connecting Emotionally with Customers

Some Things That Have Changed Are Here to Stay

In March of 2020, YouTube reached more adults ages 18 – 49 in the U.S. than all linear TV networks combined, according to a Nielsen study.  That same month, watch time of YouTube jumped 80% year over year.  Online video is a convenient and powerful way to communicate and a great way to build a brand.

While we all longed for 2021 to wipe away all that 2020 brought us, it seems as though many of the resulting trends are here to stay.  Video, which was already a powerful trend, became even more powerful; a trend that can no longer be ignored.*

Many consumers are also more likely to buy from a business that offers convenient communications. This means chat, messenger, and more.

Change is often resisted and seemingly inconvenient. But in a year of uncertainty that has left no one untouched, adapting and adjusting as needed is the key to long-term success.

Branding, video, social media, chat, zoom, e-commerce are things that should be top of mind now and into the foreseeable future.

* Be on the lookout for more video from your S3 marketing team! Sigh… We give in too!

How To Emotionally Connect With Your Customers Through Content

People, by nature, are emotional beings. And according to a recent study by Neuromarketing, when looking at 1,400 social ad campaigns, the ones using emotionally driven content to connect with their customers performed twice as effectively compared to purely rational content. Below are 4 ways to emotionally support and connect with your customers: 1. Make your social media platforms and website a safe space for your target audience to be heard, and for their emotions, questions, and concerns to be taken seriously. 2. Reflect your customers’ language. Take the time to research your audience and determine their pain points as well as the words they use in order to communicate and connect with your customers more effectively. 3. Use the power of storytelling to let your target audience know that you understand their emotions, from pain point to point of relief. Setting a scene using characters like ourselves allows us to see ourselves in someone else’s shoes. 4. Use testimonials, reviews, and social proof to assure your target audience that their emotions are shared and resolved by real customers. Ready to emotionally connect with your target audience? Your target audience and their emotions eagerly await your next piece of content! Whether you’re ready to connect with your customers through blogs, social media, email marketing, or physical marketing materials, Strategy 3 is here help. Contact us today by text, call, or email to get started!

The Importance of an Effective Call To Action on Your Website is Essential for Conversions

A call to action is a key element that guides the user to specific tasks on your website, without them the user may not know what to do next while navigating your site. Whether your objective is to have your website visitor fill out a contact form, sign up for a newsletter or read a blog post, a call to action allows them to accomplish the task quickly and easily.

Effective CTA’s have these things in common: They grab the user’s attention, they are highly visible on the page, a clear benefit to the user, utilize actionable text, are short and to the point.

Evaluating your CTA’s on your website can be a good step to determining if you are converting as many potential customers as possible,

Contact our team at Strategy 3 and we can come up with a game plan to optimize your CTA’s for the best possible conversions.

What Do Our Customers Have To Say About Working with Strategy 3?

“If I could give six stars I would!!! I recently reached out to Strategy 3 and her team to help our business reach customers more effectively. After a very thorough conversation of how we currently do things, the team came up with a plan. Most of the plan was not even part of their business, but making some minor changes to what we have already been doing. This to me is above and beyond.I would never hesitate to recommend them enough and cannot begin to explain the level of professionalism these guys provide. I have also found that they are very well connected to other local businesses and have been able to connect me with other businesses by word of mouth referrals. How do you put a price on that!” – Jeff G. 
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