3 Things For April 3rd, 2022

Being on Top, Staying on Top

I used to ask my mom why we were cleaning the house when it was already clean.  She would say: it’s already clean because we always clean it.  Of course as a child I didn’t think her answer sounded logical and the routine did not follow me into adulthood. But while I don’t clean my house when it’s already clean today, I do understand why it worked so well for her.

The same reason my mom cleaned the house when it was already clean is the same reason the most popular brands still advertise even when they are at the top of their industry.  Our world is getting louder and more crowded all the time.   Thus being out of sight will equal out of mind more quickly than ever.

Habits are crucial for making good decisions easier and easier over time.  This is important because there are no magical shortcuts when it comes to long-term success.  While there are best practices, one strategy doesn’t work for every business. Brand, audience, growth goals vary.  How you show up will vary as well but consistency is the key. Make a plan and work the plan.  Pivot when you need to but stay in the game, every day.

Worried about online security with the war going on in Ukraine?

As Russia began its invasion of Ukraine in February, CISA (Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency) issued a ‘Shield’s Up’ alert due to the increased threat of Russian bad actors taking malicious action against organizations and individuals in the United States. This alert provides guidance for being proactive in protecting your identity/assets. I will detail some information everyone can use to protect themselves but the CISA website has the full notice and guidance, please visit www.cisa.gov/shields-up for detailed information.

What should you do now to protect yourself?

1. Implement multi-factor authentication on all of your accounts. 

A strong password is a good start to protecting your online accounts but implementing a second layer of identification like a confirmation text message or a Face Id in addition to your password will really give your account some protection. So even if your password is compromised you can feel secure your accounts are protected.

2. Perform software updates regularly.

Bad actors attempting these exploits are not stupid they keep up to date on what software is vulnerable and try to gain access via these vulnerabilities. Keeping operating systems and applications, especially your web browser, up to date on all your devices will protect you from known problems with the software you use. Enable automatic updates whenever possible!

3. Use a password manager (such as LastPass)

Utilizing very strong passwords can be a big help to securing your online accounts but you also don’t want to be using the same password for multiple accounts. If one of the online services you utilized becomes compromised and your password is accessed by someone they would then have access to all other accounts utilizing that password. Using a password manager will no longer require you to remember passwords for each site/service, the manager will store the passwords for you to access, this way you can have very complex passwords unique to each site increasing your security.

These tips are important to keep in mind no matter what is going on in the world but with the increased threat of attacks due to the Ukraine Russia conflict it is a great time to implement these suggestions to secure and protect yourself from any threats online.

Should Your Business Be On TikTok?

TikTok has grown significantly in the last couple of years with 1 billion monthly active users. Tons of businesses use TikTok as part of their social media marketing. There are lots of opportunities for brand awareness and engagement when it comes to posting about your business or product.

If you are considering marketing your business on TikTok, think about how TikTok can benefit your business. Would making videos and following certain trends be on brand for your overall image? Many big brands use TikTok to its full potential by tapping into trends and hashtags that bring more viewers to their page. Feel free to play around with the edits, filters and sounds. TikTok can be a great tool to really showcase your business’s personality and brand.

Many people have an impression that TikTok is for younger people and they are not wrong. However, recent demographics have shown older people have taken an interest in the platform. 3.4% of TikTok users are over the age of 55 which does not seem like a lot, but when you think of 1 billion total users, that is an average of 34 million users over 55. Research shows that more adults over the age of 30 are interested in TikTok and are becoming active users. The adult users are only increasing as TikTok remains the trending social platform. So if your target audience falls anywhere between the ages of 13-65, TikTok is for you.

To get started, create a business account and start searching for similar businesses on the platform. Pay attention to what trends they may be following, what hashtags they may be using or what their video topics are. Once you have a clear idea of what you would like to do for your page, turn on the camera, start filming and have fun with it! The idea is to create entertainment for your viewers. So, step outside of your comfort zone and bust out those TikTok dance moves!

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