3 Things For July 3rd, 2023

How good is free?, Google Maps – update coming August 2023, What does a direct ad look like?

The problem with free.

Sometimes we love what we do so much we’d give it away for free!  Very benevolent, yes.  A good idea?  🤔  Maybe not. The problem with free is the associated value that comes with it.  Free=zero dollars= zero value (or it equals an impending sales pitch). I understand that as marketers and business owners we want something that offers a low barrier to entry so that people can see for themselves the value that we offer.  But the problem with that is that the value can’t be seen past all the zeros.  And cheap is the same effect or worse. I’m not talking about the value we give through sharing white papers, resources, videos, etc. on our website and social platforms.  Those are crucial for sharing great insights, building our brand, and helping people understand what we’re all about.  But if we are giving something that takes our time and resources that is specific to a person or business, and we want the weight of what we’re giving to be appreciated and accepted for the value that it has, we need to price it accordingly. No amount of logic is going to change the feeling people get when we give away our offering on the cheap.  Feelings aren’t logical but they still have to be managed (to the best of our ability).

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Upcoming Google Maps Updates and What They Mean for Your Web Experience.

In the world of digital technology, change is the only constant. As part of this ongoing evolution, Google Maps is set to upgrade its JavaScript API, bringing it in line with the ECMAScript 2020 standard. This update, set to roll out in August 2023, is a key step in ensuring that Google Maps continues to provide a smooth, efficient experience to users across the globe. This modernization process does, however, mean that the performance of Google Maps may vary depending on the browser you use. Modern browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge on desktop, and Chrome and Firefox on Android devices are all set to support these updates effectively. Apple’s Safari browser is also fully compatible, whether you’re using a Mac or an iPhone. On the other hand, older browsers like Internet Explorer, as well as certain mobile browsers like Opera Mini and UC Browser for Android, may not support these new features as effectively.  If you’re using one of these, you might not be able to take full advantage of the new and improved Google Maps experience. In the rapidly advancing world of technology, keeping your browsers up-to-date is key to making the most of the web. As these changes roll out, we recommend updating your browser to ensure that your online experience is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Direct Advertising: What do these ads look like?

It’s July already! I’m not sure how that happened! So, building on from the last few months of Awareness vs Direct Advertising. In the old days, your primary place for Direct Advertising was the Yellow Pages! We cursed those salespeople always complaining about how expensive the ads were. (Leah and I both came from the YP business, so we have some experience here!) Now, your direct advertising is Google search results and those pesky ads that follow us around after we searched for something! So, first and foremost the SEO that is in the background of your website, along with your Google business profile, is critical. Google and other search engines are constantly changing their algorithms to provide users the most up-to-date results possible. With direct advertising ads, we are going to focus on a pain point, and a solution to that. Here’s one of my favs from over the years, a Every Door Direct Mail piece that we sent to addresses with older homes, most likely to have the in-window air conditioners. It complemented Ranger’s programs in magazines and on social media. Key things:
  • Identify the pain point: STOP MELTING!
  • Provide a solution: Be comfortable and save money!
  • Build trust & brand recognition: the back of the card is focused on building trust, focusing on our efforts to match needs with equipment, etc.
  • And, of course, call to action and our phone number!
It’s debatable if EDDM is direct or awareness, but since this sent out in the HEAT of the summer, I’m making and executive decision to call it direct, because those 100 degree days, AC moves from a want to a need. Till next month, enjoy your July!

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