Zip Fix

Client Since 2022

ZIpFix services are launching soon


Our unique model fosters an environment where “fixers” are well vetted, invested in, and provided a respectable living with benefits.

Their profile allows them to build their reputation and provides their clients peace of mind.


Our goal is to create an easy to use platform many have grown accustomed to, allowing “fixers” and clients to connect with ease.

Manage requests, status of your “fixer,” and hard cost expenses – all at the tip of your finger.


Our intention is to provide clients with excellent and affordable service balanced with offering living wages and benefits to our “fixers”.

Using our platform opens up opportunities for clients and “fixers” needs to be met while building connections.


Services Provided:

  • Website Design & Development
  • Website Management / Hosting
  • Brand Identity
  • Graphic Design
Our Role: Zip Fix is a unique Instacart-like solution for your honey-do list. The goal is two-fold: to recruit, mentor, and train young fixers and to provide the much needed home maintenance services so many homeowners need. Our role was to help them come up with the logo that would accurately represent their unique brand and to build them a website (first a coming soon landing page).