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Strategy 3 is a full-service marketing firm located in the heart of Tacoma helping design and execute effective marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes. Our high-caliber three-person team of creatives is comprised of Strategy 3’s owner and founder, Leah Knoll, Marketing and Accounts Manager, Gaby Kinner, and Designer and Developer, Ryan Riveness. Together we work with businesses to create strong brand awareness, while producing high quality work and maximizing our client’s degree of influence. From developing custom campaigns, websites, and endless varieties of marketing materials, to growing and managing a business’s online presence, our hard-working and fun team at Strategy 3 is dedicated to creating valuable marketing solutions for diverse types of businesses.

Leah Knoll, Owner

With 23 years of experience working in the world of marketing, Strategy 3’s owner Leah is passionate about our community and has been a local Tacoma business owner since 2012. Leah’s expertise combined with her community involvement as former President and Secretary of the Stadium Historic Business District, has allowed her to foster relationships with local businesses who value her hard work and authenticity.


Ryan Riveness, Designer/Developer

Ryan has been a Designer and Developer at Strategy 3 for seven years and is our in-house expert on web hosting and maintenance, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and SASS. Ryan is an experienced graphic designer and creates a variety of designs ranging from custom logos and business cards to other branded marketing materials like flyers, booklets, and trifolds.


Korie Larson, Client Concierge

Korie joined the Strategy 3 team in October of 2021 as our client concierge and gifting specialist. Her attention to detail gives our gifts and events the extra pizazz so that they are always memorable. Lucky for us, she loves shopping and finding treasures. She is also in charge of pop-up office parties and knows how to delight with a mouth-watering spread and fun decor.


Serene Hammoud, Content Specialist & Accounts Manager

Serene is our newest team member joining us in December of 2021. She is in charge of all things content related and is keeping us full of fresh ideas. For all of our projects, she has a game plan and a check-list. She has proven to be an invaluable addition to our brainstorming and creative meetings.