3 Things For September 3rd, 2021

The Holidays, Target Audiences & Video Marketing

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Or at least you need to be thinking about the most wonderful time of the year.

Before you roll your eyes and think I’m the type of person who advocates for Christmas decor in stores before Halloween is even over, let me explain.  Now, more than ever (okay, roll your eyes because I said “now more than ever”), we need to be thinking ahead.  The holidays always come quicker than we think, but this year we’re also dealing with supply and demand issues. I just bought 4 river floats because Dick’s Sporting Goods just got them in. I imagine they bought them for the late spring demand. Well, there were none available in spring, so I’m stocking up now.

So here’s my PSA “thing” for the month of September: It takes time to custom design Holiday cards (yes, we do that) and it takes time to print them (we can assist with that, too), and it takes time to deliver them (have you been getting your UPS deliveries on time?).

And if you want to curate gifts too, now is the time to start planning. You’ll thank me when your Christmas cards and gifts arrive before December 25th. Or you can do one of my favorite things and wrap the New Year’s message into the mix to avoid being late!

Drive Sales & Leads with Video Marketing

Because we are such visual creatures, video is often the best content to grab the attention of an audience. But just how important is video marketing? According to Influencer Marketing Hub, it’s really important, and is capable of creating more sales and leads compared to other text or image-based content. Here are some statistics to keep in mind: • Mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year. • Videos under two minutes long generate the most engagement. • 83% of marketers say video helped them generate leads. • Facebook gets over 8 billion video views per day. • Instagram has over 500 million users using Stories daily • More than 70% of watch time on YouTube comes from mobile devices • Psychologists suggest that music directly influences how viewers respond to videos. • Incorporating video on a landing page can boost conversions by 80% or more. • Video ads on social media are the most common way for consumers to find new businesses and products before purchasing. • And so much more! Read the full list of video statistics here. Video marketing is a powerful tool, and it can be as simple as snapping a quick video on your smartphone. So, consider this your call to action to try incorporating more video into you marketing strategy! If you have questions about how to utilize video to your business’s advantage, reach out to our team today.

The Importance of Determining Your Target Audience Before Designing & Developing a New Website

Defining your target audience and sharing that with your website designer is crucial for your website to be effective. Designing a site to purposely fulfill the needs of your potential clients will result in more conversions rather than a website that looks great, but doesn’t accomplish the goals you have for your business. Three factors that will be easier to define once a target audience is determined are: Design: With a solid understanding of who your target audience is, the website design can be tailored to the people that are most likely to utilize your services or products. Things such as fonts and colors targeting a younger audience will be much different than when targeting an older demographic. Having the end goal in mind allows us to target the right people for your business. Content:  Along with design comes content which includes the words and images used throughout your new website. Making the right choices about what type of language and imagery will best communicate and connect with your intended audience is vital. You want to speak directly to the people that will take advantage of your services and products so your business can thrive and grow. Functionality: This includes all aspects of how the user interacts with your website. A younger demographic will find more complex features easier to navigate rather than someone that doesn’t have as much experience and background with technology. Suiting the usability of the site to your target audience will make your website better at converting those users. Here at Strategy 3 we can build a website that will directly target your intended audience so that your website is a tool for business growth rather than a useless web presence that doesn’t push your business to the next level. We would be happy to go over your target audience and determine a plan so that your new website is an asset for the future.

Happy Labor Day from Strategy 3!

We know that each of you have worked incredibly hard over this past year and that itself deserves a celebration. So, here’s to your job well done! This weekend we hope that you kick back, relax, and enjoy your well-deserved time off. – Leah, Gaby, and Ryan