3 Things For September 3rd, 2020

SEO, Internet Explorer, and Facebook Paid Online Events

Search Engine Optimization Needs to be Included in Your Marketing Strategy!

A 2019 study from BrightEdge found that organic search was responsible for 53.3% of all site traffic.  Further, it has one of the highest ROI’s. But more needs to be considered when looking at SEO, such as search intent and increasing the right kind of traffic to your site – not just traffic for the sake of traffic.  For example, if a user is searching for ‘how-to’ or ‘what is’ and isn’t ready to make a purchase, then a page made with purchasing intent is not going to capture them. Another way to use SEO is to grow your brand authority. Appearing at the top of search results is good for branding. Consumers equate a high ranking with quality. So maybe you do create that ‘how to’ or ‘what is’ page (without the purchase intent) and expand your reach for increased brand awareness. Ultimately, you’ll want to make sure your SEO strategy is aligned with your overall marketing strategy. If you’d like to discuss your SEO strategy, reply to this email and let me know!

Facebook Announces Paid Online Events for Small Business Recovery

There is no doubt that over the last 5+ months, small businesses have been working harder than ever to make ends meet in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Facebook’s new Paid Online Events program offers businesses a creative new way to earn income providing services and events online, as well as connecting with consumers in a meaningful way. Facebook also announced that they would not collect any fees from the Paid Online Events program. What makes Facebook’s offer unique is that all of the promotion, payments, and hosting is done through Facebook itself, which means that if a local business wants to monetize an event via Facebook, they can target Facebook users with advertising that are local to them. Businesses can also take advantage of word of mouth by announcing the event to all of the followers of their page. People can then pay for the event via Facebook and watch it online. Types of businesses that can benefit from this tool include
  • Exercise Classes
  • Training Events
  • Music Events
  • Hobby Classes
  • Various Educational Classes or Seminars
  • Networking Events or Meet & Greets
  • Etc.
Facebook stated: With social distancing mandates still in place, many businesses and creators are bringing their events and services online to connect with existing customers and reach new ones.  People are also relying on live video and interactive experiences more when they can’t come together physically. In June, we saw live broadcasts from Pages double compared to the same time last year, largely attributed to broadcasts since March.” For more information, you can read Facebook’s full statement regarding Paid Online Events here. Have questions? Reach out to us to see if Facebook’s Paid Online Events could be beneficial for you and your small business!

Why You Should Stop Using Internet Explorer

1. Microsoft only supports Internet Explorer version 11, all previous versions are no longer updated for security patches and no new features are being developed. Using a browser that is no longer supported makes your system and personal information vulnerable to being hacked and your information stolen. 2. Internet Explorer does not display websites the same as other modern web browsers, causing websites to appear to be broken when in fact the browser you are using is interpreting the site incorrectly. This can make it difficult to find information or interact with websites as others would. 3. Internet Explorer is slow, you can speed up the rate at which you browse the web by using a modern browser. In the late 90’s and early 2000s Internet Explorer was used by over 95% of users but since then newer, better options have become available and you should take advantage of the increased user experience these alternative browsers provide. Strategy 3 suggests using Google Chrome or Firefox browsers to have the best possible experience exploring the web.

Custom Email Signatures by Strategy 3

Having an email signature is like handing a person a business card each time you send an email. It’s the perfect opportunity to brand every message you send! Not only does it establish and reinforce who you are as a company, but it also should look professional while showing your business’s personality. Want a creative email signature like ours? Simply respond to this email to discuss updating your own email signature! Custom Email Signature: $250