3 Things For October 3rd, 2021

Asking for the sale, landing pages & recycling content

If You Do Not Ask, They Will Not Buy

How many of you are confident about the products and services that you offer? How many of you confidently ask your prospective customers to buy from you? If you hesitate to ask, people will hesitate to buy. Asking for the sale can prove difficult for even the most seasoned salespeople and long-time business owners, but it is a crucial step. And here’s the thing: people want to be sold. They want to be sold and they want to feel good about it, because they have a problem that they no longer want to have. So, if you have a prospective customer who has traveled through the sales funnel, and you have a great solution, do not hesitate to ask for the sale. Now, the harder part: training your people to ask for the sale! Recently, I went in for a facial and I could’ve easily walked out the door without scheduling another service at that time. And, if I hadn’t, when would I have taken the time to schedule another one? I put the over/under at 12 months. Except, I did because the aesthetician educated me on an ideal skincare regimen and told me next up was a peel. So, what did I do? Yep, I scheduled a peel. My skin looks amazing by the way. (Click here to schedule yours)!  I was so impressed with not just my facial, but also the fact that she sold me on the next appointment. Asking for the sale and giving people a clear direction on how to buy from you is critical to success.

Repurposing Your Social Media Content

Getting your social media content to rank well in any platform’s algorithm is like trying to hit a moving target. Relevance and timing is everything, but coming up with content to feed the beast usually ends with businesses and brands sacrificing quality over quantity. This is when repurposing content can come in handy. You take your best content and put it back out there for a number of reasons. The big benefits for repurposing content include:
  • Reinforcing brand messaging
  • Boosting SEO and driving traffic
  • Reaching new audiences and supporting new leads
Of course, not all content is meant to be repeated. As with everything in your marketing strategy, it should be goal-focused and relevant to your audience. Some Basics: First, find your best-performing content and then reformat it across different channels. Some Tips: 
  • Steer the Conversation: The best way to do this is to ask your audience a question. And your content is the answer.
  • Utilize Your Blog: Turn your long-form blog content into a bite-sized post that your audience can consume easier.
  • Get Animated: Create a captivating short video or animated GIF visual to go hand in hand with your written content.
  • Make Images from Inspo: Get inspiration from your own written content and turn it into a visual of some kind using quotes, headlines, or statistics.
There are endless ways to repurpose your top posts and find new ways to get them in front of your audience. Dive into your social insights to see what’s resonated with your followers in the past, and keep in mind that what might seem old to you, is still valuable to someone else. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team! We’re always happy to help.

What Are Landing Pages & Why Are They Important? 

In digital marketing, a landing page is a standalone web page that is created for a marketing or advertising campaign. It’s where visitors land after clicking on a paid ad, a link in a social media post, or on a search engine results page. Unlike traditional web pages that can have many options for the visitor to explore or find more information about your products or services, a landing page has a single objective of having them take a specific action. Converting this visitor into a potential customer will be easier, as there is a directed goal that the page is leading them to complete. There are many benefits of establishing landing pages: They can increase your conversions, generate data and insights to determine which marketing channels are bringing in the most leads, and they can improve your paid ad campaigns by focusing the visitor’s attention on one specific goal. Here at Strategy 3, we can help you develop a marketing campaign that utilizes landing pages in order to help you to convert as many users as possible. Contact us today to discuss how we can help!

Custom Greeting & Thank You Cards

Sending a personalized greeting is a great way to express gratitude, sympathy, acknowledgements, and more. And who doesn’t love receiving actual mail?! Make a connection with friends and clients with custom cards by Strategy 3! Our team can design creative custom holiday or greeting cards and envelopes to meet your business’s needs. Click Here to Inquire Today!

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