3 Things For November 3rd, 2022

Procrastinate strategically.  Video on websites.  Join us for Community Strategy Hour.

Go ahead and procrastinate!  It’s good for creativity!

Don’t settle for the first idea, wait for the best idea.  That was a hypothesis I read recently.  Ha.  Some people will come up with anything to procrastinate.  I don’t know about you, but procrastinating stresses me out.  This became more pronounced once I became a business owner.  Even if the core of my business is creativity.  ‘Done is better than perfect’ was a concept I adopted years ago.  And, I still hold this concept to be true.  Yet, a case can be made for procrastination and coming up with something better.

Here’s an example:  A presentation needs to be done, you get hit by inspiration, get it all out on “paper” and then put it away not to be thought about again until presentation time.  It’s time to present and you look at what you put together feeling like it lacks something, but what?

OR…you get hit by inspiration, get it out on “paper” and keep it in the back-room of your consciousness knowing it’s not quite done yet.  Over the course of days/weeks, more and more ideas, stories, case studies come to you and you slowly add them in and rehearse them in your head.  Presentation comes and it’s not only fresh in your mind but you have more material to draw from.

The key takeaway is to procrastinate strategically, be productive gradually when needed –  don’t settle on mediocrity.

Why video is important for modern web design?

Visuals are vital to a website and video can step up your design, increasing
conversions and customer loyalty.

Below are 4 reasons to utilize video in on your next web design project:

  1. It can boost your SEO!
    — Google loves video and gives priority in search rankings to articles that utilize video. Adding video can be the reason you move up in search results and gain additional visitors to your site.
  2. Improved User Experience
    — Utilizing captivating graphics and videos can immediately increase the user experience for your visitors. People like visuals/videos since they can communicate ideas quick and easy for them to digest, keeping them engaged in your content.
  3. Increasing your Conversions
    — A blog post including only text and no visuals can be scanned over quickly, while the user may miss valuable information, but a video is rarely skipped ahead, allowing the user to fully understand the topic you are discussing and allowing for better chances for conversions.
  4. Use your Video Content across multiple platforms
    — Creating just one video can be used in multiple locations including: blog posts, YouTube, Social Media Sites and much more allowing you to gain the maximum value from the content you created.

As you can see video can not only help improve your website’s design but it can be of great benefit to your overall marketing strategy. Strategy 3 is diving head first into helping our clients great video content, contact us today to see how we can help you!

What is Community Strategy Hour?

As the holidays approach, we are excited to host a Community Strategy Hour on November 8th at 5pm. The goal is to bring local small businesses together to meet one another, collaborate, and brainstorm.

An interesting Forbes article points out the value of collaboration citing a Stanford research study. It is evident any time you get more than one brain working to solve a challenge, you get a better result. Unfortunately, another finding within the study revealed a recession can promote dog-eat-dog style behavior. Therefore resulting in less collaboration, which can be detrimental within a small business community.

We’re offering an opportunity for local businesses to come together and uncover creative ways to support one another, revealing opportunities to cross-pollinate. There are very simple things we can do as a business community to greatly increase lift and reach, but it does require a synergistic approach.

We hope you’ll join us for an evening of collaboration on November 8th at our office in the heart of the Proctor District. We’ll have light snacks and wine, and look forward to honoring our local small biz neighbor, Gail Ringrose with T-Town Apparel as we reveal a digital campaign we’ve created to help support her dream, after the sudden loss of her husband and business partner.

Let’s rally for a successful holiday season!