3 Things For November 3rd, 2021

S3’s New Member, Gifting, Instagram & WordPress Security

A Note from Leah: 

This month is all about giving thanks and so I find that it is quite fortuitous that we are announcing the launch of our newest service offering: Gifting!

Our business has been built on the relationships that we have with all of you, and we are extremely grateful to have such an amazing group of people in our circle. We know we haven’t always done the best job of showing our appreciation.  Let’s face it, we all get busy. That is why we are putting even more effort into our own thankfulness project, but also excited to announce it as a new service offering.

We are thrilled to welcome Korie Larson to the S3 team!  She is our very own (and possibly your very own) client concierge. You will find her curating gifts, adding the little touches to give them that extra pizzazz, as well as literally cooking up yummy treats in the kitchen.

Introducing Korie & Client Gifting by Strategy 3:

I’m so excited to be the newest member of the Strategy 3° team as Client Concierge! You’re probably thinking, what is a Client Concierge? Well, my job is to delight your clients with “planned random” gifts.

Do you want to show your clients, employees, referral partners, and suppliers how thankful you are for them? Of course you do! And what better way to show appreciation, solidify relationships and increase loyalty, than with an unexpected gift or handwritten card?

We are proud to offer Client Gifting as a new service here at Strategy 3°!

We know that you want to show your appreciation to those in your circle, but it’s so easy for the little touches to fall by the wayside when you are busy doing what you are good at. So let me take this off your plate and do what I’m good at! When done thoughtfully and strategically, gifting can be an amazing way to grow your business.

The Holiday Season is fast approaching. Contact us today to get started on those special gifts.

PS: Do you miss hosting events, but don’t miss all the hassle? Pop-Up Office Parties are coming soon! Stay tuned for more information or contact us today to learn more.

Explore Instagram’s Newest Features:

Last week, Instagram rolled out two new features that will allow business owners to rejoice. Users can now post photos and videos to their Instagram profile via their computer desktop, streamlining the sharing process after 10+ years of only being able to post via the mobile app or by using a scheduling tool.

While users still can’t share clickable links in the caption of an Instagram post, the social platform also just released a new feature allowing both personal and business profiles to share web links in their Instagram Stories that will connect viewers to the landing page of your choice. This is a great new tool for businesses to utilize and incorporate into their marketing strategies!

Take Instagram’s new features for a spin and don’t hesitate to reach out to your marketing team here at Strategy 3 if you have any questions about your social media marketing or online presence!

The Importance of WordPress Security:

Do you receive notifications when a security vulnerability has been identified with one of your WordPress plugins? In addition to maintaining a consistent and frequent schedule of updates for your WordPress website’s core files and plugins, you should also be aware of vulnerabilities when they are identified. It is important to take action to update any plugins or files immediately, so your website is not at risk of being attacked or hacked.

Just last week, we became aware of a security vulnerability with Ninja Forms, a popular plugin used on over 2 million sites worldwide, and were able to take action right away to resolve the issue for our clients that utilize this plugin on our hosting plan.

Unless you are on top of the latest news around WordPress and security, you may not be aware when these issues arise or that any action is needed for your site. Luckily Strategy 3 is here to solve that issue for you. We stay up to date on all plugin vulnerabilities and take swift action to resolve the problem for our clients on our hosting plan.

Contact us today to learn about all of the features and benefits of hosting your WordPress site with Strategy 3!

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