3 Things For May 3rd, 2023

Surviving or thriving, All the reasons to CTA on your website, Awareness advertising vs. direct advertising

Surviving or Thriving

Our brains filter out almost everything processing only the information that will help us survive and thrive.  This is why long-winded emails land in the TLDR category or why most marketing messages are entirely ignored.  Our attention is a currency and we’re stingy with where we spend it.

For that reason I’m intentionally keeping this “thing” short.

When it comes to business, you care about surviving and thriving…which one you’re concerned with changes depending on the times –  but both rely on sales.  And, sales relies on marketing…and both rely on attention.

We help businesses identify the pain they are solving and the simple sound bites that people will pay attention to.

And, because no marketing message (with direct sales intent) is complete without a call to action: Reply to this email to book a White Board Session!  Let’s get to the root of why people need your product or service.

*White Board Sessions – $150 for 90 minutes.
Location: Strategy 3 – 3820 N. 27th Street Tacoma WA 98407
Current spots available: Tues May 9th 1pm-2:30pm or Wed May 10th 1pm-2:30pm

What are CTA’s and why are they an important element for your website?

CTAs, or Call-to-Actions, are prompts or visual elements on a website that encourage users to take a specific action. They can be presented in various forms, such as buttons, links, banners, or forms. CTAs are essential for several reasons: Direction and guidance: CTAs provide users with clear instructions and direction, helping them navigate your website and understand the actions they need to take, such as signing up for a newsletter, downloading a resource, or making a purchase. Improved user experience: A well-designed CTA can streamline the user journey, making it easier for visitors to complete their desired actions. This leads to a more enjoyable and efficient experience for your visitor. Increased conversions: Effective CTAs help drive conversions by encouraging users to take specific actions that align with your website’s objectives. Whether your goal is to generate leads, make sales, or increase sign-ups, strategically placed CTAs can significantly impact your conversion rates. Focused messaging: CTAs help clarify your website’s purpose and communicate the value proposition of your product or service. They highlight key benefits and emphasize the reasons why users should take the desired action. Measuring success: CTAs provide a measurable way to track the effectiveness of your website design and marketing efforts. By analyzing user interactions with CTAs, you can gain insights into user behavior, preferences, and the overall performance of your site, allowing you to make data-driven decisions for improvement. In conclusion, implementing effective CTAs on your website is crucial for driving user engagement and achieving your business goals. If you’re looking for expert guidance on crafting compelling CTAs and optimizing your website for conversions, Strategy 3 would be glad to help. Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to create a tailored approach that meets your unique needs, ensuring your website is optimized for success. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and unlock your website’s full potential with the support of Strategy 3.

Let’s talk AWARENESS advertising versus DIRECT advertising.

This isn’t a new topic, but it is one we need to consider when choosing advertising options. Let’s start by defining these: Awareness Advertising: Simply put, Awareness Advertising builds brand awareness: it builds trust, recognition, as well as “awareness” that your product or service is available. Think of this as your billboards, tv and radio, magazines, sponsorships, vehicle wraps, as well as much of your online social media and display advertising. Direct Advertising: Is being there when someone needs your item or service. This used to be Yellow Pages, you had to have a Yellow Page ad, because when the person needed your product or service, they found you in the Yellow Pages. Well, the internet came along and opened-up a whole new way of finding you. Now, we are always working to find the best way to be in front of potential customers when the want/need/service becomes a priority for our potential customers. So, what does the mean to us? It is easy to think you just want direct advertising: be where your customer is looking when the want becomes a need or an emergency has occurred. But, it is far better to have a mix. Just because you come up first on Google, if the person isn’t aware of your brand, they’ll scroll to find someone they have heard of… someone who has started building trust with them.  The next time your “consumer hat” is on, pay attention to your actions: do you just pick the top result in your google search? Or do you scroll and look for a name or location that you have heard of? Recommendations from friends, seeing a truck for a company on the road (not calling that one, they cut me off on the road! Hay, that company actually stopped when I was trying to get across the street the other day), or what about that banner you saw at the neighborhood baseball game, or the sponsorship in the program at an event. These add up, whether we realize it or not, to brand awareness that drives our decision making when we are ready to buy. Do you have a good mix of awareness and direct advertising in your marketing plan? All of us at Strategy 3 are here to help find the right mix for your business.

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