3 Things For March 3rd, 2020

Google’s Search Console, Responsive Web Design, and 4 Crucial Marketing Skills

Look up from your phone! Yep, everyone else is on their phone too.

You’re probably reading this email on your phone. We hope you are happy with the experience. If you’re not, let us know. Okay, here it is: Google first introduced mobile-first indexing in November 2016.  Now Google is sending out notices that they expect mobile-first indexing to be applied to all websites in the next six to twelve months. If you are using Google Search Console you will receive (if you haven’t already) “mobile-first indexing issues detected” alerts if/when Google has any issues accessing your site with their mobile crawler. This is important because these issues may impact your indexing and ranking. If you’re unsure if someone is monitoring your site using Google Search Console, send us a message.  We are happy to help you get set up to receive these important notifications.

4 Essential Digital Marketing Skills

A recent article from WordStream broke down 4 digital marketing skills that are crucial for success in today’s landscape. WordStream believes that marketing is all about making connections with individuals… And here at Strategy 3, we whole-heartedly agree. These essential skills include: 1. Copywriting. It’s about creating materials that aren’t just promotion, but also to capture attention, communicate value, and inspire action with a limited number of words and space. 2. Search Engine Optimization. People use search engines to make confident purchasing decisions every single day. And understanding SEO is crucial to get your business to appear for relevant searches. 3. Pay-Per-Click Advertising. It offers visibility at the top of search engines, on social media, on apps and so on. But it comes with a learning curve with budget management, keyword research, target marketing among others. 4. Email. A consistently effective and versatile strategy, email marketing can convert leads, engage dormant customers, build loyalty, and more. Fortunately, our team at Strategy 3 is proficient in each of these skillsets! Get in touch with us today to create a digital marketing strategy tailored specifically towards you and your business’s needs!

What is Responsive Web Design? 

Responsive web design is a design approach that allows websites to display correctly on all devices and screen sizes by automatically adapting to the screen, whether it’s a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

The ultimate goal of responsive design is to avoid unnecessary resizing, scrolling, zooming, or panning that occurs with sites that have not been optimized for different devices. It is often very difficult to navigate these sites, and it may even cost you potential customers who become frustrated with trying to figure out how to do something on your website.

Strategy 3 utilizes responsive web design in every website project we take on. Contact us to discuss how we can develop an effective website for you that will display beautifully on any device.

We Are Moving!

It has been a very exciting start to the year here at Strategy 3, and we are thrilled to announce that we are growing and will be moving to Tacoma’s incredible Proctor District this spring.

Follow along with us on social media for more updates and news as we transition into our amazing new headquarters!

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