3 Things For January 3rd, 2022

Tips For Using Images On Your Website, Gifting Without Breaking The Bank, Getting Personal On Social Media

Hellos and Goodbyes!

Every end of the year/beginning of the year I take some time to reflect on what is working, where adjustments need to be made, and what the marketing trends are for the upcoming year.  This year is no different.  This email could have endless “things” based on what is going on.  In our quickly changing world I’m sure none of you find that surprising.  But in the interest of brevity I want to only point out two things about trends: 1: The way you deliver your message to the world may change, but the consistency of your brand should not.  2:  As always, we will continue to help our customers share brand and story in the most effective way possible for the times we live in.

And finally, take a moment to read a special message from Gaby below.  We close out 2021 by saying a tearful goodbye to Gaby while we warmly welcome Serene to the Strategy 3 team.  For five years Gaby has been working diligently to not only help Strategy 3 grow but to help our customers grow.  Daily, she has been a dependable constant and we will miss her greatly.  But, we are also excited for where her journey will take her and grateful that she was a part of our team for so long.  We are also thrilled that we met Serene when we did and that she enthusiastically agreed to come on board.

Goodbye’s are hard, but I know that they also open the door to new possibilities.  Cheers 2021, Hello 2022!

Plan Your Randomness

Now that I’ve emerged from my haze of crinkle paper, decorative boxes, gift tags, and festive foliage, I want to tell you how much fun I had putting together Christmas gift baskets for our Gifting Service clients. I’m already making plans for next year!

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s talk about gifting throughout the entire year. Our goal is to surprise and delight, and while a nice holiday gift surely delighted, most receivers probably weren’t necessarily surprised, it is after all, the season of giving. That’s where planned randomness comes in!

We use planned randomness and pick different times of year to send surprise gifts. An unexpected gift will put a smile on your client’s face, and every time they enjoy your gift, they’ll think of you, thus keeping you top of mind. Seasonal gift baskets and National Days are always a fun idea! Picture a dozen doughnuts and a clever handwritten card on National Doughnut Day. Or what about Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day or Let’s Laugh Day? The possibilities are endless.

Contact us today to start planning how you can use Gifting to create and strengthen meaningful  relationships for your business this year.

New Year, New Chapter

Happy New Year to one and all! My wish for you is that the year ahead brings you great happiness, prosperity, and health.

After 5 unforgettable years at Strategy 3, it is bittersweet for me to formally announce that I am leaving to embark on my next chapter and newest adventure. In 2016, I started out as a Social Media Content Creator for Leah and have been honored to grow into the role of her Marketing Manager all these years later. To say that I will miss Leah, my trusty team, and wonderful clients is an understatement, but I know that every experience, relationship, and lesson learned will always stay with me and carry me far in the future.

As my time at S3 comes to a close, I am excited to introduce you to Serene Hammoud, Strategy 3’s new Marketing Manager! Serene is friendly, helpful, and I know that you will love having her as a part of your marketing team.

Thank you for trusting me over the years to help share your stories and bring your marketing goals to life. ? I wish each of you all the best in 2022.

Signing off,


Web Accessibility and Why It Is Important

What is web accessibility?

Web accessibility, or eAccessibility, is the inclusive practice of ensuring there
are no barriers that prevent interaction with, or access to, websites on the World
Wide Web by people with physical disabilities, situational disabilities, and socio-economic restrictions on bandwidth and speed. When sites are correctly designed, developed and edited, more users have equal access to information and functionality.

There are many assistive technology tools that allow people with disabilities to be able to navigate and interact with a website’s content. Some of these tools include screen magnifiers, screen readers, alternative keyboards, eye tracking tools, and more. Having a site that works with these tools helps to ensure your site is accessible to all.

Why is it important?

1 in 5 Americans have a limitation that makes browsing the web more difficult than the average user. Providing equal access to the information and functionality of your website will open up your products/services to an even greater community of people and increase your potential customer base.

In some instances accessibility standards are required by law. In the US the Workforce Rehabilitation Act of 1973 requires that all electronic and information technology developed, procured, maintained, or used by the federal government be accessible to people with disabilities.

What can I do to ensure my site is accessible?

Strategy 3 has identified a tool that will make your website accessible to all users no matter their disability and will ensure your site meets the standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Contact Strategy 3 today to learn more about how this tool can help your website reach the largest potential audience possible and how we can implement it quickly on your website.