3 Things For February 3rd, 2020

Stock photos, website hosting, and Facebook best practices

Let’s reconsider how often we use stock images..

Do you find yourself relying on stock images for your marketing content?  I’ll be honest, we do a lot!  They look professional and they are inexpensive and quick.  I know the task of getting original photos is often daunting.  But here’s the thing, stock images can come across as inauthentic.  And soon they may hurt your website’s search engine optimization. While we are not ditching the use of stock photos, we are consciously working on using more original photos whenever possible. If you want to discuss your content strategy including the use of more original photos, call, text, or email me!

How the Facebook algorithm works in 2020 and how to make it work for you!

Have you noticed Facebook has been making a lot of changes to the platform over the last year? The algorithm we know today works off a variety of ranking signals that order posts in the feed by the likelihood of users enjoying them. These ranking signals are largely dictated by behavior. So how can businesses use the algorithm to their advantage? Below are 4 tips to keep in mind: 1. Start conversations that get people talking to each other. The objective is to get people interacting with your page as they would a friend. When you begin building those likes, shares, and comments, Facebook will see your page as valuable and reward you for the effort. And it does take effort! 2. Never post content that will get you down-ranked. Facebook has claimed that the following categories will get your Page down-ranked immediately:
  • Posting links to sites that use scraped or stolen content with no added value
  • Posting borderline content (a.k.a offensive but not prohibited content)
  • Posting misinformation and fake news
3. Post when your audience is online. According to a recent study:
  • “B2B brand posts perform best between 9am-2pm on Tues, Wed, and Thurs.”
  • “B2C brand posts perform best at noon on Mon., Tues., and Wed.”
4. Video is more popular than ever! Facebook favors quality, original video. Keep these guidelines in mind for video creation on Facebook:
  • Share content that people search for and can return to
  • Share videos that people will watch for longer than 1 minute
  • Facebook suggests creating videos that are 3 minutes or longer
  • Share videos that aren’t repurposed from other sources and that have plenty of added value.
Here at Strategy 3, we take the stress out of social media marketing. Get in touch with us today to create a social media strategy tailored specifically to your needs!

The Importance of Web Hosting

Let Strategy 3 provide you with premium web hosting for your online presence. Choosing the right web hosting for your website is crucial to your site’s performance and security. The speed at which your website loads is critical to keeping your customer engaged and also improves your search engine ranking. Keeping your site secure is just as important; Safeguards need to be in place to protect your site from malicious attacks and malware. Strategy 3 employs premium managed hosting for your WordPress website. We provide an optimized and secure server environment, including malware scans, automated nightly backups, and handle any issues that may arise. Your site will run top notch on our platform! Contact us today and we can discuss the best hosting option for you and your business.

This month, join Tacoma Opera at Tosca!

Tosca is one of the greatest operas of all time, set to the glorious music of Giacomo Puccini.

This is a show not to miss at Tacoma’s newly-renovated Pantages Theater and tickets start at just $30.

February 8th, 14th & 16th, 2020

Get yours online today or call the Tacoma Arts Live box office at (253) 591-5894 to purchase tickets over the phone. The Tacoma Arts Live Box Office is open Monday – Friday from 11am – 5pm.


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