3 Things For August 3rd, 2020

Voice & SEO, Phishing Scams, and Optimizing Your Social Media

Voice Activation Popularity, Big Implications for SEO

Voice activation is continuing to see major growth as over 50% of US households are forecast to have a smart speaker by 2022.  And now, nearly a third of all Google searches are voice searches. This increasing use of voice search means that consumers are using more natural language in their search queries.  For example, one of my favorite queries is typing “pho near me”, but for many that search will sound like “Where is the nearest pho restaurant?” When you are thinking about optimizing your keywords, make sure you take into consideration the growing number of natural language queries.

Social Media & Local Search:

How To Optimize Your Profiles For Local Customers

Location, location, location! When it comes to geographic barriers, increasing visibility on social media for products and services can be a bit more straightforward for eCommerce businesses. But what about businesses that are bound by a specific location in their customer acquisition efforts? A recent study by AdEspresso broke down social media and local search so you can see how to optimize all of your profiles and on-platform content for local customers with 3 simple rules. 1.  It’s important to always include location data in your profiles:
  • In your Facebook “About” section, enter your business’s exact location. This will generate a Google Map so users can get directions.
  • Instagram is very similar. Always input your business location when setting up your business profile.
  • On your LinkedIn Company Page, enter your location when editing your Page, and the location will appear immediately under your Page name.
2. Add location-oriented keywords in your content: Adding location-oriented keywords into your online content is crucial. You can incorporate these keywords into the “about” sections of your social media accounts or simply into the content of your posts. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube are some of the most frequently-used search engines, so make it easy for local prospects to find you in their localized searches. 3. Use location-based hashtags: Keep in mind that hashtags act as clickable portals for topics that users are interested in. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags, so allocate at least 10 of these to location-oriented hashtags. This is a great way not only to connect with potential clients, but also with your community as a whole.If you have questions about how to best optimize your social media channels, our team is here to help. Get in touch with us today to create a social media strategy tailored specifically to your needs!

Suspicious Emails Coming From Your Contact Form?

Fraudulent or spam emails are normally identified and blocked via spam filters and recaptcha settings, yet some still make their way into our inbox. It is important to be vigilant and review any emails you are receiving, prior to taking any action so as to protect yourself and your personal data. We have become aware, from a couple of our clients, of a phishing scam circulating. The email states the website is using copyrighted images illegally and goes on to request that they open a file attachment that would verify which images were in question. If this file is opened it provides access and control of the user’s computer system. Please be especially cautious with any links or file attachments included in your contact form submissions. When we became aware of the emails we did research to verify they were fraudulent and notify the clients accordingly. If you receive a contact form submission that seems suspicious, feel free to reach out to Strategy 3 and we will advise you of the best course of action.

We are thrilled with Siebenaler Law’s new brand guidelines and collateral!

Have you been considering updating your branding? From company logos, colors, font styles, and more, allow our team here at Strategy 3 to help define branding guidelines that perfectly represent your business. Get in touch with us today to learn more about getting started!