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Tacoma Opera

Leah and Gaby started working with Tacoma Opera midway through their 48th season.  As they enter into their 52nd year in Tacoma we’re still excited as ever to be a part of their team.  A big part of their marketing has become taking advantage of social media and reaching out to the younger demographic as well as staying in front of their fans through traditional forms of advertising, mail, and email.

We utilize a combination of tools to get the word out as much as possible.  These tools have included newspaper, radio, cinema advertising, postcards, posters, Facebook, Instagram, Google, email, and more!

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We met Leah after we moved into the Landmark Convention Center and became neighbors. We needed help with our marketing and so we began talking to Leah about what she could do to help us out. We meet weekly while we’re in season and see her often because of her close proximity. It’s been working out well and we’re very happy with the results.


Noel Koran, General Director of Tacoma Opera