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La Bella Nail Spa

Tuan and Cici Ngo, owners of La Bella Nail Spa, have a very special business in the Stadium District of Tacoma.  The team at La Bella is a very close knit group and over the years they have become very close friends with a large number of their devoted clientele.

Leah met Tuan and Cici shortly after they opened and soon began helping them with their marketing.  Now Strategy 3 manages their website, all marketing materials, and social media.

Their online gift certificates are a huge hit especially around the Holidays and they have an amazing customer loyalty program.

La Bella Nail Spa consistently wins Best Mani/Pedi in the South Sound and in the Summer of 2019 opened an additional location in the Proctor District of Tacoma.  The newest La Bella is spacious and beautiful, much needed additional space for their many fans.

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Cici and I have been working with Leah for years. She has helped us with all of our marketing and other projects as well. She was a huge help in putting together our tour of Vietnam and Cambodia with some of our very dear customers.


Tuan Ngo, Owner of La Bella Nail Spa