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Tuan and Cici Ngo, owners of La Bella Nail Spa, have a very special business in the Stadium District of Tacoma.  The team at La Bella is a very close knit group and over the years they have become very close friends with a large number of their devoted clientele.

Leah met Tuan and Cici shortly after they opened and soon began helping them with their marketing.  Now Strategy 3 manages their website, all marketing materials, and social media.

Their online gift certificates are a huge hit especially around the Holidays and they have an amazing customer loyalty program.

Client’s Feedback

A word from Tuan Ngo...

Cici and I have been working with Leah for years. She has helped us with all of our marketing and other projects as well. She was a huge help in putting together our tour of Vietnam and Cambodia with some of our very dear customers.


Tuan Ngo, Owner of La Bella Nail Spa