3 Things For January 3rd, 2021

Messaging, Web Trends, and Marketing Tips for Success in 2021

Hey! This is important… Even if it did come in an email newsletter!

I’ve been thinking about Signaling Theory lately. How we say something is much more important than what we say. Is our message believable? Is it relevant? Is it important?

The reason why most of us still send printed holiday cards instead of an emailed message is because it not only conveys the importance of the message, but also the importance of the occasion and the value of the person who is receiving it in the eyes of the sender.

I was recently picked up from the airport and instead of waiting curbside in the cold, my friend got their early, parked, and was waiting inside.  This told me that my visit was important, I was important.

All of our messages send messages beyond the message itself. And we can make a difference in how it is received or possibly not received at all. This isn’t to say we have control over how someone perceives what we have to say or the lens they see it through; life is just too nuanced for that. But we can be thoughtful and purposeful. Yes, sometimes a swing in the dark will land on the target and sometimes it’s worth the shot.  But more often than not, we should give it some thought.

Your marketing messages are important to us! Let’s discuss the signals we want to send in 2021.  Your email is important to me, your text is slightly more urgent, and a phone call tells me you really want to talk (or slightly more likely, you’re just driving). 

3 Digital Marketing Tips for Success in 2021

So long, 2020! Start the New Year off strong by creating a digital marketing strategy that will carry you into 2021 and beyond. Below are a few helpful tips for success. Online PresenceIn 2021, you should be prepared to put more time and resources into your online presence and social media marketing strategies. An effective strategy allows you to reach more customers, engage with existing fans, and increase web traffic, leads, and even revenue. The pandemic has forced more people indoors, increasing the time they spend online. This shift is a great opportunity to increase your reach and re-engage with existing followers with the help of some well-designed social media campaigns. SEO & Google ListingsOne of the most successful marketing campaigns you can launch in 2021 to boost your business is SEO. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a digital marketing tool that allows you to understand what keywords your customers are searching for and it’s one of the main drivers of organic web traffic. By optimizing your website, you can rank better on Google, drive more traffic to your website, and can even out-rank your competitors. Your Google My Business (GMB) page is another important and free tool to utilize. By making sure your GMB page is verified and up to date, Google will draw in local customers and provide them with important information like your business hours, services, location, and more. Video AdvertisingVideo is becoming increasingly popular for advertising. According to a recent study, nearly 90% of marketers in said that adding video content to their strategy increased traffic to their website and almost 30% of customers said they would buy an item or service after seeing a video advertisement for it. Because video is such an eye-catching medium, it’s especially great for interactive products and services, but can also be utilized for employee interviews, client testimonials, behind-the-scenes videos, and more. For an increase in views or engagement, consider adding more video advertising into your digital marketing plan. At Strategy 3, one of our goals for the New Year is to help you launch an array of successful marketing campaigns. If you’re ready to start fresh in 2021, contact us by text, call, or email to get started!

3 Web Design Trends for 2021

Web design is constantly evolving, and staying on top the trends is important in order to have a modern, functional website. Each year the top designers identify what will be cutting edge design for the year to come. Below are just a few of the top trends for 2021. Dark DesignDesigners are breaking away from the idea that a white background was the only way to create empty space on a website. Having a dark background for your website will provide a sleek, modern look and allow your site to stand out from the crowd. Dark design also has benefits for users as well. A dark site reduces the amount of blue light exposure and also reduces the amount of battery life needed by your device to display the site. MinimalismAlthough not a new trend, minimalism has been used extensively throughout recent years, but still stands as a trend that will continue in 2021. Minimalist web design is based on using only essential elements such as basic shapes, clean text, limited color palettes, and empty space to create a simple and functional website. Serif FontsNot too long ago, sans-serif fonts were the only way to go for effective web design, as they are very legible and simple. Now that screen sizes and resolutions have improved, the need to use sans-serif fonts are not as important; utilizing a serif font can bring an elegant and sophisticated style to your website. Here at Strategy 3, we stay on top of emerging trends to provide our clients with an effective and modern website. Contact us today for a consultation and we can discuss your needs!

We laughed.

We cried.

We zoomed.

We made it!

From our Strategy 3 quaranteam to yours, we are wishing you an incredible New Year filled with an abundance of happiness, good health, and prosperity in 2021! Happy New Year, Leah, Gaby, and Ryan

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